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The Goal Of Youth Ministry

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What's the ultimate goal of youth ministry?

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What The Best Student Ministries Are Doing Across The Country


The great thing is I get access to observe what the best student ministries are doing. So over the past few years, I have been taking notes and want to share my notes and observations with the youth ministry community

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Curiosity and Spirituality: The Commonality Between American Teenagers and Curious George


I think a lot of today's teens are like Curious George when it comes to spirituality. The American teenager is really spiritually curious and wants to experience what the spiritual life is like.

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The Art of Cannonballing: Baptizing In Youth Ministry

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baptisms are a beautiful thing—the more the better. It is up to us (youth pastor or small group leader) to be informed, equipped and empowered to make wise decisions when informing our students on baptism.

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My Small Group Model Conversion Story: How Small Groups Saved My Student Ministry Career

Lead Small

Doing small groups in student ministry is something I had to learn over time. When starting out in youth ministry my assumption was that students had to be "mature" in order for them to actually value small groups

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