Top 5 Board Games That Get The Youth Group Party Started Immediately

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These top 5 board games have been tried and tested in the most awkward youth group program times when the youth pastors is dealing with a diverse group of students who hate each other.

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Mock Trial Haiti Style

It has been 3 and half months since I returned from Haiti. I had three questions when I returned from Port-au-Prince.

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Theology of Youth Ministry Games

Why do we do games in our youth ministries?

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Frisbee Bowling

need a fun youth group game?

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Communal Building Activity–Survival Simulation

If you need a team activity that encourages group decision making this survival simulation will be simply brilliant.  You need to divide your group up into teams of 4 to 8.  On a side note, this simulation is actually used in the military to train soldiers how to think when trying to survive. SURVIVAL SIMULATION: You and your team have …

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