Youth Ministry Phenomenology: Observing God’s Activity In Youth Group

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Self observation and ministry assessments are key components that lead youth pastors to discern what is appearing in their youth ministry.

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Serving In School Is Cool

A missional youth ministry highly values understanding (contextualization) and serving the local community. In the youth ministry world, school campuses are the life and blood of where our students spend most of their time.

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Fuller Youth Institute:: Book Review: Essential Leadership part 2

The FYI (Fuller Youth Institute) self published a great resource for youth workers entitled: Deep Leadership. Deep Leadership is authored by: Kara Powell, Brad Griffin, and Chap Clark.

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Reconfiguring A Missional Mind-Set For Youth Ministry

The beauty about contextual youth ministry is that the missional mind set and attitude that demands a missionary into a cross cultural setting; forces them to eat, drink, and talk like the natives, and love and serve them in Jesus' name.

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5 Realities of Missional Youth Ministry: Students on Mission

Students need to see themselves as missionaries to the people around the world and to the people around in their neighborhoods and school campuses.

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