Youth Ministry Phenomenology: Observing God’s Activity In Youth Group

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Self observation and ministry assessments are key components that lead youth pastors to discern what is appearing in their youth ministry.

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5 Realities of Missional Youth Ministry: Students on Mission

Students need to see themselves as missionaries to the people around the world and to the people around in their neighborhoods and school campuses.

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5 Realities For Missional Youth Ministry: Contextualization

Missional minded youth pastors are all about having specific-context driven missions for their students.

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Developing a Youth Ministry Plan

Entrepreneurs have business plans that steer the course for their start up companies. Youth pastors needs ministry plans that execute their youth ministry mission. Writing youth ministry plans help spell out what God wants to do in your youth ministry. As the Fall is in full swing, it is essential youth pastors know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

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Earmarks of the Future Youth Ministry

His question was: What things will the next generation of youth need in a youth ministry?

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