The Orange Conference: Andy Stanley Gives Guidelines For Teaching Students Who Don’t Care


It’s Orange blogger week which means tons of ministry bloggers will be talking about  The Orange Conference 2014. But before I talk about Orange 2014, I want to talk about Andy Stanley’s main stage talk from Orange Conference 2013. Here’s a disclaimer.  I kind of have a man crush on Andy Stanley.  When I was called into student ministry back in 2001, …

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Youth Ministry Communication: 5 Beliefs Every Youth Communicator Must Have


youth teachers must have 5 core beliefs about the adolescent in order to be an effective teacher and communicator.

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Learning How To Tweak Talks: What To Do When Your Youth Group Sermon Bombs (BIG TIME!!!)

Beauty of Reading

Don't you hate that moment when you are speaking and you look out into the crowd and you see many students getting squirrely?

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Leading A Youth Group Discussion

In a small church youth ministry setting, the youth pastor needs to be a master at leading and facilitating a discussion. This post will be a two part post: pt. 1 Leading a Youth Discussion Group pt. 2 The Art of Asking Questions

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Youth Ministry Teaching Methods

Preaching and teaching in youth ministry is fun but a very difficult task. I am love looking for improving my communication and homelitical methods that engage not only the student, but the Word. I am communicator who heavy relies on the ethos and pathos. In my youth ministry communication resource tool belt, I rely on 5 teaching methods. SCORRE (my …

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