Youth Ministry teaching topic of:  Hell Hell is an essential topic to teach to our youth. Last Tuesday night, our High School ministry had a conversation about the doctrine of Hell. It was really interesting to hear their perspective on what they think Hell would be like. I framed this Hell conversation in six parts: 1) Where do we go …

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Oaths and Lying

For students to keep to their words is a difficult thing. It is imperative they realize the weight of their words. What Jesus is saying here is: You shall fulfill your oaths to the Lord and to others. Seriously, how flaky are our students? They say yes to a lot of good things, but don't know how to look for and wait for the great thing to say yes to.

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Alcohol and Adolscents

Adolescents and alcohol--that is a bad mix. If a youth pastor is honest, probably 45% of his/her high school youth group is experimenting with liquor.

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