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Youth Pastor Lifestyle

Youth Ministry Leadership Thoughts By Henri Nouwen


Youth pastors may need to move from a leadership built on power to a leadership in which we discern where God is leading us and our people.

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8 Ways to Automate Your Youth Ministry Using Online Tools

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Save time in youth ministry by automating which will allow for you to spend more time doing what really matters.

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The Private Life of A Youth Pastor


This post is for the busy, tired, exhausted youth ministry leader who simply just needs a reminder on how to renovate the heart, soul and mind.

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Finding Slowmo In The Youth Ministry Life


During my injured, slow-pace life, I’ve had a lot of time to reflect about why it took a major knee injury for me to finally slow down.

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Help! I Am A Youth Worker With ADHD (Like Symptoms)


The issue is that we are subjects to multiple streams of digital information that is always demanding attention and time.

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