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Youth Pastor Lifestyle

How Young Youth Pastors Can Gain Street Cred With Older Church Leaders

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I have learned that the young youth worker must not only accept but address this gaining-credibility issue. It took me a bit to embrace the idea that I am a young leader. But once I embraced it, I was way more open to learning how to gain credibility in the church.

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Outsourcing Friendships: 2 Ways Youth Pastors Can Find Friends


How do you find safe friendships at church when you live in a fishbowl?

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Business Education For Youth Pastors: How To Make Your MDIV Become An MBA


I wish I went to business school before I went to seminary.

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Youth Ministry Job Openings: Connecting Churches With Youth Pastor Candidates

Connecting churches with youth pastor candidates and connecting youth pastor candidates with churches

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How To Look Like Jesus: Best Workouts For Busy and Broke Youth Pastors

JZ's workout journal

I love talking about why youth pastors need to consider working out. I started working out and recording my workouts at the age of 12, my dad was a bodybuilder, and I underwent ACE (the American Council of Exercise) certification back in 2001. So I was always struggling how to integrate exercising in my youth ministry lifestyle.

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