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Book Review: Flame of Love

Flame of Love suggests that from the Day of Pentecost the early Christians experienced the tremendous power of the Holy Spirit. They were filled with unexpected sacrificial love, freed from the powers of this world, and given a new kind of ministry of the Spirit (2 Cor. 3:3-9). The works of the Holy Spirit did not simply “disappear” after the …

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Spirit Led and Spirit Empowered Youth Ministry

I strongly argue that the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit needs to be the fuel of our youth ministry philosophy, programs, models, and teachings.

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Unleashing the Power of the Holy Spirit in our Youth Ministries

Like all across the globe, more and more USA youth ministries will begin to embrace the power and miraculous works of the Holy Spirit. Youth ministry will do this not because of "some cool new idea", rather youth ministries will be forced to rely on the miraculous works of the Holy Spirit. Our existential students desire and thrive on experience. Thankfully the miraculous works of the Holy Spirit generate remarkable experiences for students, which they will never forget.

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