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The New Realities For Teens


The world is changing. Teenage culture is always changing. And what today’s teens are struggling with will always be changing. It’s tough being a teen these days. Here’s a list of a few new realities today’s teens are facing: CyberBullying is drastically on the rise.  Some where between 4% – 25% of teens have been cyber bullied.  Now if you work …

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What The Teenage Brain Needs….


Mark Matlock, executive director of YS, wrote an incredible article, in the May/June 2014 Youth Worker magazine , about the two needs of the teenage brain

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The Most Stressed Out Generation In History


Would you agree or disagree that this teenage generation is the most stressed out generation in history?

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Youth Ministry Lessons From Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show


I am a big fan of Jimmy Fallon. The debut of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has been super successful. Fallon is strategically appealing to the younger generation.  He’s making The Tonight Show relevant for younger views — and it is working.  I think youth pastors can learn from Fallon on how to better engage the younger generation. Here’s what Jimmy is brilliantly doing …

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How Most Adults View The 21st Century Student


Most adults have negative perceptions about today’s adolescents.  Not every adult, but a lot of adults, follow the assumption that the students of today’s society are only getting worse.  They are nothing but problems.  Adults, generally, believe that students are: (5)  Lazy and unmotivated (4)  Entitled and spoiled (3)  Narcissistic.  I write about this teenage narcissistic epidemic here (2)  Disrespectful towards …

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