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Podcast #1 | Zach Steiger | Cross Point Church | Nashville, TN


I had the honor to interview Zach Steiger — the Next Gen Pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN. I met Zach 6 months ago.  Right when we started talking, I knew he knew his student ministry stuff.  In 2010, Zach was on a team that help start and build the student ministry at Cross Point Church.  For 4 …

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The New Realities For Teens


The world is changing. Teenage culture is always changing. And what today’s teens are struggling with will always be changing. It’s tough being a teen these days. Here’s a list of a few new realities today’s teens are facing: CyberBullying is drastically on the rise.  Some where between 4% – 25% of teens have been cyber bullied.  Now if you work …

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