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Podcast #7 | Staffon Bunn | Dayspring Baptist Church | Mobile, AL

71d3901ae5345b823b9494ca23801583Staffon Bunn serves as the Student Pastor at Dayspring, which involves oversight of all ministries to students ranging from Middle School to College. Staffon brings a wealth of student ministry experience to Dayspring, previously having served as a student pastor at First Baptist Orlando for 12 years. A native of the Mobile area, Staffon holds degrees from Auburn University and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Staffon joined the Dayspring staff in June, 2010.

The coolest thing about Staffon — is that he has been doing student ministry for 26 years.  That’s right 26 years.  There’re very few student pastors who have survived student ministry this long.


Here are a few points Staffon talked about on how to have a successful and sustainable youth ministry:

  • Realize you cannot do everything. And make it known to whoever you submit to – that you cannot do everything.
  • When you build a team around you, you spend more time with adults rather than students. Connect with adults over connecting with students
  • Write lists on what needs to be done and figure out what you can do and what other can do
  • Some great tasks student pastors can do: (1) Pray for students (2) What parents do I need to contact? (3) Delegate student ministry errands
  • Be comfortable with letting leaders do your tasks and be really okay if someone does something better than you do.
  • Prioritize what you need to do. You go home because it’s the end of the day, not because everything is done. In student ministry, there’s always something more to do.
  • Easy ways to connect with parents: (1) Monthly parent newsletter (2) Start a facebook group for parents (3) Give parents your cell number (4) Do events where you intentionally invite parents.   Give parents the impression your student ministry has nothing to hide.
  • Focus on a few things and do those few things well.  Don’t feel the pressure to have events/programs that meet everyone’s needs.  Get use to saying NO.  Keep growing personally and professionally.
  • Keep your schedule simple.

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